The Art Spot

88 Sugar Hollow RoadDanbury, CT
Phone: 203.791.8244
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We believe in demystifying art, making it a level playing field. We mentor, model, teach and work with our students.  In that process, we learn from them as well. We teach the basic language of art so kids and adults really understand and own it.  We encourage the investigation of mediums, creativity and imagination by exploring ways to break the rules.  We make it fun and exciting while offering the opportunity to live in the right side of your brain for a bit; to experience that wonderful state where you can work unaware of what is going on around you as you create art from your heart.

Our methods are very much hands on.  Intellectually, you can learn more directly by seeing something happen with your art.  We believe everything is part of the learning process.  When something does not give you the anticipated result, you have just learned a whole lot by working through the problem.  There is more than one solution to every art problem.  This allows for individuality and people’s own sensitivities to come into play. We love to empower people to come to understand they have the solutions.

We work with all ages from Moms/Dads and Tots to Fine Art Frolics for ages 4-7 to our oldest adult student who is 92!  We have a wonderful Artist in Residence program where we go into schools and create collaborative public art projects that involve the entire school.  For high school students we offer portfolio development classes.  This pushes them to be as creative as they can, to break away from stereotypical art and create pieces that stop portfolio reviewers in their tracks as they view our student’s portfolios. 

We are the home of our famous original Birthday Parties - magical art experiences that revolve around fine art projects. Parties are geared toward ages 4 and up. Children are enthralled with the projects they make and take home. We set up, run the party and the art project, and clean up - all parents do is enjoy the party and take pictures! We also do parties for adults, book club parties, “Paint and Sip” and special occasion art parties and so much more!

Art should be, and is, fun, in any form.  Art helps children to become better problem solvers, gets them off the computer and learning to use their hands, makes them more observant and in touch with the world around them.  It’s also an incredible way to share something with your child – create together and see how your memories last!